Weekend Tomoko

19 – 20 november 2022. Conscious action and relaxation in asana practice. Online seminar.

Conscious action and relaxation in asana practice

Where: online
When: saturday november 19 – sunday november 20, h. 10 – 12 and 14 – 16 CET.
Teacher: Tomoko Mori
Cost: € 125,- 
Included in the seminar is an extra zoom-lesson on friday december 2, from h. 20 -22 (CET).
This online seminar will be conducted in English.

One breathing cycle has 4 stages: inhale, natural pause, exhale, and natural pause. To harmonise movement and breathing, it is important to be aware of the moments of natural pause. With this awareness, we can control whether we push the body more or hold the same intensity or reset.

This control is not by forcing our mind against the body’s overwork, or by following other people’s instruction that may not match our own rhythm. This control will come by listening to our own internal rhythm (= conscious action).
Therefore, stiff or supple, everybody can enjoy effects of Asana. In this seminar, you can practise this way in various yoga poses including preparatory exercises, and experience deep relaxation as a result.

After the weekend you can join one additional session
* To re-explain what students did not understand well during the seminar.
* To answer questions that may come out from students’ practice after the seminar.
* Students and the teacher share personal experiences of practice, to widen the view.
* The teacher’s comments will be connected to the Okido Yoga philosophy.
This session will be held on friday december 2, from h. 20-22 (CET).