Programma Amsterdam

Wekelijkse lessen in de Dojo in Amsterdam, van Ostadestraat 387.

Program Amsterdam

Weekly lessons Okido Yoga
Wednesday 9:30 – 11:00, women’s class -> mixed class with Monika Stepak.
This class will be held by Monika Stepak. While she conducts this class, it will be a mixed class. CLICK FOR BACKGROUND-INFO
Or for more info, please contact Monika:
prices Monika:
€ 150,- for 10 lessons; € 64,- for 4 lessons; € 16,- for one lesson.

Fernando Montoto in Amsterdam

Senior Okido Yoga teacher Fernando Montoto will be in Amsterdam 14 – 15 – 16 May. One of these days he will conduct a one day seminar tailored to therapists, and body-workers. Fernando will share his extensive therapeutic experience, along with his experience in the use of relationpoints in treatment.
You can also make a personal appointment for treatment:
contact Monika Stepak: 06 50 99 80 32
Check the general program of the Dojo for info on Fernando’s weekend-seminar.

If you want to join classes with other Okiyoga teachers you can join the classes of Noriko Yabata, or Mieke van Eijndhoven.
Info: Noriko: address: Korte Keizersstraat 6B, 1011GH Amsterdam
time: Tuesday, 18:30 to 20:00
fee: €18,50 (the same as Mizue’s strippenkart)
tel: 06 5262 5392, email:, please contact beforehand!
Mieke van Eijndhoven:

van Ostadestraat 387
tram 3, 4

5 minutes walking from metro Wibautstraat

Preferably contact by email:

Students’ remarks:
Mizue doesn’t teach many Asana’s, but ‘I went back to my hatha yoga class and I was amazed that I could do easily Asana’s I had not been able to do well before, and without forcing. I had an endless list of successful results in performing Asana’s after her class.’ (Astangha – Iyengar yoga practitioner)

Mizue is not a meditation teacher but ‘I can sit much better without pain in meditation.’ (meditation practitioner of several years)

Mizue is not a specialist in breathing, but ‘I have never experienced that air can fill the lungs so fully from corner to corner.’ (certified breathing therapist)

Mizue does not know Taichi, but ‘I can now practise Taichi without the knee pain I had for a long time.’ (Taichi practitioner)

Private lessons

I enjoy giving private lessons either based on the questions on how to perform asanas precisely or arrange a set of exercises for individual need. The price is about equivalent to 3 lessons: 50 euro incl. BTW. You get homework which you can practise at home.

Mizue Tamaki

Mizue Tamaki has been teaching Okido Yoga in Europe for more than 40 years. She prefers to work with small groups, so she can give personal attention to everyone.
She traveled with master Oki as his translator in many countries and is now busy translating his books. She translated B.K.S. Iyengar’s “Light on Yoga” and “Light on Pranayama” into Japanese.
Studying from Noëlle Perez – founder of the ‘Institute Superieur d’aplomb’ – since 1979, helped her to better understand one of the aspects of Masahiro Oki’s teaching of the Natural Body and so increase the effects of asana’s and various exercises. To regain the natural angle of the pelvis is an essential difference with most physical training and teachings in yoga schools.
She is coordinator for the residential Okido Yoga Dojo in Laren (Gld) and for the Teachers’ Training.