Weekend Fernando Montoto

17 – 19 May 2024. How to find a deeper balance through relationpoints and apply this in asana and in movements in Oki-Yoga-style.

The practice of Kanrenbui (relationpoints) applied in Asana and other Oki-Yoga methods.

Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
When: friday May 17, h 20.00 (program starts h 20.30) – sunday May 19, 2024, h 16.00
Teacher: Fernando Montoto
Responsable: Monika Stepak
Cost: € 275,- (early bird price till 5 april, the cost then will be € 250,-)
This weekend will be conducted in English.
The seminar is fully booked.
This seminar is suited for teachers who want to find ways to help their students find more balance and deepen their practice, it is suited for experienced practitioners, but it is also suited for newcomers who want to experience how yoga can improve balance and vitality. Fernando Montoto is a very experienced teacher, who can offer all levels of students a rewarding experience.


How to find a deeper balance through relationpoints and apply this in asana and in movements in Oki-Yoga-style.

In this weekend-seminar senior Oki-Yoga teacher Fernando Montoto will guide you to develop inner awareness and create balance through various Oki-Yoga methods. This will help you in your daily life, but it will also help you to deepen your Yoga-practice.

During the workshop, we will study and practice Kanrenbui, an ancient technique from Japan, that uses relationpoints in the physical body, to create balance in body and mind.
We will study many different Kanrenbui points to improve the performance of asana’s. You will feel the effect of the relationpoints and will apply this in asana, and other yoga-movements. So also specific Oki-Yoga methods like strengthening-exercise will be taught.
Using the relationpoints helps to unblock the flow of Ki (internal energy), and to feel the body and mind as a whole. So naturally you can build up the energy in the Tanden, the centre of strength in the lower abdomen. It will create internal comfortability and liveliness.
Fernando has made a deep study of this technique, learning this in the Mishima dojo and treating many clients in different parts of the world. With Kanrenbui, we learn that when a person has a pain, postural imbalance or limitations in physical movement, we can unblock the flow of ki (internal energy), by pressing certain vital points.
This unblocking improves the physical state and state of the organs, allowing for deeper breath and increasing physical flexibility that, in turn, is related to mental flexibility.

Fernando Montoto:
Fernando Montoto started to practice yoga in 1980, and met Masahiro Oki-sensei in Brazil in 1982. Fernando Montoto was invited to train and study in Japan when Oki-sensei came to Brazil. Fernando stayed in the Mishima dojo for two years to become a teacher and spread the Okido teachings in Brazil and all over Latin America.
He currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, teaching courses and treating patients all over Brazil, and frequently collaborating in international seminars in Japan, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and United States. He gives a many treatments with Kanrenbui-techniques which he learned from Oki-sensei.

Book-publications by Fernando Montoto:
Kanrenbui – the millenary art of oriental cure;  In Portugese: Relacoes do Corpo
Shusei – Ho, corrective exercise manual

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