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Here you find the program spring – summer 2024.Information on each activity is given. Inscription is through the appropriate inscription-form.
Please notice that several seminars are mainly conducted in Dutch.
For questions you can always contact us, mail:

May 2024


Where: Dojo, Laren.
Teacher: An Wildeman, Maartje van Hooft, Henriette Wesselink e.o.
Date: Wednesday 8 May, h. 18.00 – Sunday May 12, h. 12.00.
Cost: € 465- (early bird-price upto March 27, 2024, the cost then is € 418,50).
This seminar is open to English-speaking participants.

Our annual cleansing retreat is always a special occasion to discover what our body wisdom truly desires. And to feel how deeply this physical healing and cleansing resonate in our heart and mind.

In this retreat, we work with the principles of semi-fasting, as we have experienced them with Kunikiyo-sensei. We eat accordingly, with the first days being salt-free, allowing our bodies to expel toxins. At the same time, you practice eating what your body indicates it needs. To experiment and feel the effects of nutrition, in the morning, we have our ‘beverage buffet’: various soups and juices, savory and sweet, supporting your body in the cleansing process.

The other meals are flavorful, with pure tastes, and easily digestible. This cleansing is integrated into a varied Dojo program, including exercises for the organs, Hara strengthening, study of relationship areas in the body, meditation, nature walks, etc.

The overall program helps you recover and rejuvenate, returning home with a healthy dose of self-wisdom.

The training is mainly conducted in Dutch, but the staff can provide some lessons in English and translate as needed.

Fernando Montoto

Where: Dojo, Laren.
Teacher: Fernando Montoto
Date: Friday 17 May, h. 20.00 – Sunday May 19, h. 16.00.
Cost: € 275- (early bird-price upto April 5, 2024, the cost then is € 250,-).
This seminar will be conducted in English.
The seminar is fully booked, so no more spaces available.
This seminar is suited for teachers who want to find ways to help their students find more balance and deepen their practice, it is suited for experienced practitioners, but it is also suited for newcomers who want to experience how yoga can improve balance and vitality. Fernando Montoto is a very experienced teacher, who can offer all levels of students a rewarding experience.

How to find a deeper balance through relationpoints and apply this in asana and in movements in Oki-Yoga-style.

In this weekend-seminar senior Oki-Yoga teacher Fernando Montoto will guide you to develop inner awareness and create balance through various Oki-Yoga methods. This will help you in your daily life, but it will also help you to deepen your Yoga-practice….

June 2024

Marc Vervecken

Where: Dojo, Laren.
Teacher: Marc Vervecken
Date: Saturday 22 June, h. 9.30 – Sunday 23 June, h. 16.00.
Cost: € 265- (early bird-price upto May 10, 2024, the cost then is € 240,-).
This seminar will be conducted in Dutch. This seminar is fully booked.
This seminar is suited for yoga-practitioners with extensive or with little experience. Shiatsu experience is not required.

Healing yourself with Okido Yoga: corrective exercises, relationpoints and structural shiatsu. 

You can find the info (in Dutch) on the specific webpage.

Saying goodbye to Mizue-san in the Dojo

Where: Dojo, Laren.
Date: Sunday June 30, h. 14.00.
No cost.
This meeting is to honour Mizue-san’s work as responsable of the Dojo, now she’s going into retirement from the Dojo.
More information to come: Save the date.

August 2024


Where: Dojo, Laren.
Teacher: Maartje van Hooft e.o.
Date: Saturday August 3, h. 16.00 – Saturday August 10, h. 11.00.
Cost: € 795- (early bird-price upto June 22, 2024, the cost then is € 715,-).
Participation from English-speaking participants is possible.

This summertraining is a regular Dojo-training. The theme is ‘Renewal in the year of the Dragon’.
More info will follow.