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Here you find the program spring/summer 2023. All information on each activity is given. Inscription is through the appropriate inscription-form.
The dates for the fall 2023 are fixed. More info and inscription will be available from end of April.
Please notice that several seminars are mainly conducted in Dutch.
For questions you can always contact us, mail:

August 2023


Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Staff: Mizue Tamaki, Maartje van Hooft, Mieke van Eijndhoven a.o.
Date: Friday August 4, 19.00 uur – Friday August 11, 11.00 uur
Cost: € 775,- (early bird-price upto June 9, the cost then is € 697,50)
Partial participation is possible, minimum 3 days, starting from the start of the training. Cost = € 345,- for 3 days, after that € 110,- for each day.
This Dojo-training is suited for English-speaking participants as well.

In this retreat you can experience the rhythm of a Dojo-training. In this continuous rhythm of activity and rest, both body and mind are addressed, and a deeper connection to yourself will ensue.

Physically there will be a shift, from tension to centering, and often you can feel how (physical) disturbances and tension let go, while your body feels meer ‘empty’ and free.
Mentally you can experience the grounding and feeling home within yourself. That makes you less reactive to everything that happens around you, you can follow your own energy and live ‘from inside out’.
During the training we offer a varied and balanced program. With exercises for purifying organs, Hara-stengthening, study of relation-zones in the body, asana, walking in the nature etc.

October 2023


Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Maartje van Hooft.
Date: Saturday Octobre 21, h. 9.30  – Sunday Octobre 22, h. 16.00 uur
Cost: € 265,- (early bird-price upto September 9, the cost then is € 238,50)
This seminar will be mainly conducted in Dutch. 

The Hara is the powercentre in the lower abdomen. But when you want to strengthen the Hara, this is not just about physical strength. It’s also about recharging deeper energy, becoming silent, concentrate and center yourself. In this weekend-seminar you will experience all these aspects.
Specific Okido-exercises such as spinal exercises, purification exercises and strengthening exercises contribute to gathering and recharging energy.
We use the model of 5 transformations in order to experience different aspects of Hara-strengthening, both the softer, more Yin aspects, as the more powerful, Yang aspects.

November 2023/January 2024

The connection between Asana and daily life.

Where: Dojo, Amsterdam. Van Ostadestraat 387.
Teacher: Mizue Tamaki.
Date: Saturday November 25, 2023; Saturday January 20, 2024; h. 10.30 – 17.00.
Cost: € 170,- for two days (early bird-price upto October 14, the cost then is € 153,-). One day-workshop: € 90,- No early bird-price is then applicable.
Please bring a light lunch.
If you’re not a teachertraining-participant, you can also follow one seperate day-workshop.
This seminar will be mainly conducted in English. 

According to Masahiro Oki (the founder of Okido yoga) Asana means research for the most appropriate posture for each action. The most appropriate posture is not the standard fixed way, but the posture that is closer to what the nature (life force) offers (least waste or least accident, and most efficient).
And our attitude is not ’this is correct’, ’this is it’, but a continuous search towards finding the appropriate posture. Nature has offered us the necessary physical structure along with the evolution. We will explore with curiosity into it, through practice of different actions such as classic asana, various exercises and the activities in daily life.

December 2023


Where: Dojo Laren.
Staff: Mizue Tamaki, Peter Huijzer a.o.
Date: Wednesday December 27, 2023, h. 15.00; Sunday December 31, 2023, h. 10.00.
Cost: € 460,- (early bird-price upto November 15, the cost then is € 414,-)
This Dojo-training is suited for English-speaking participants as well.

At the end of the year it is good to reflect on the past year and make a new resolution for the coming year. Therefore we calm our mind, and let this resolution come from our inside.
To make our mind calm and clear we also need to clean our body, because our physical condition influences our mind.
The start of the training will focus on the physical purification, by training and appropriate food. Then we can look inside, and reflect on the past year. Taking the time for this process allows a deeper resolution to emerge, that can carry you into the New year. During the whole training we offer a varied and balanced programme, with purification-exercises, Hara-strenghtening, study of relation-points, walks in the nature, etc.
The training is like a retreat, not passive, but an active retreat, in order to reconnect with the deeper lifeforce.

Ferbuary/March 2024

Conscious action and relaxation in Asana.

Where: online, via Zoom.
Teacher: Tomoko Mori
Date: fridays 16 and 23 February, 1 and 8 March 2024, h. 19.30 – 22 CET.
Cost: € 140,- (early bird-price upto January 5, 2024, the cost then is € 126,-).
This seminar will be mainly conducted in English. 

One breathing cycle has 4 stages: inhale, natural pause, exhale, and natural pause. To harmonise movement and breathing, it is important to be aware of the moments of natural pause. With this awareness, we can control whether we push the body more or hold the same intensity or reset.
This control is not by forcing our mind against the body’s overwork, or by following other people’s instruction that may not match our own rhythm. This control will come by listening to our own internal rhythm (= conscious action).
Therefore, stiff or supple, everybody can enjoy effects of Asana. In this seminar, you can practise this way in various yoga poses including preparatory exercises, and experience deep relaxation as a result.