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Here you find the program spring 2023. All information on each activity is given. Inscription is through the appropriate inscription-form.
Please notice that several seminars are mainly conducted in Dutch.
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April 2023


Where: Dojo, Laren
Responsible: Maartje van Hooft
Date: Saturday April 1, from h 9.30
Cost: no costs.
We will work in the garden, if there is no rain, or work in the building. We’ll have a rhytm of working and (short) meditations, and we’ll share a simple lunch together.
This spring we focus on upgrading the kitchen and some of the rooms, and also to improve the garden and soil-quality.


Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Mizue Tamaki, Sietsia Wildeman, and others.
Date: Thursday April 6, 18.00 uur – Monday April 10, 12.00 uur.
Cost: € 450,- Early bird (upto February 9): € 405,-
This Dojo-training is also suited for English-speaking participants. 

Our annual purification-retreat always is a very special occasion to discover the true wisdom in our bodies. And to feel how deep this physical healing and purification affects our minds and hearts.
In this retreat we work from the principles of half-fasting, as we have experienced with Kunikiyo-sensei. We eat adjusted food, and the first days the food will be non-salt, in order to give our bodies space to discharge of toxins.
At the same time you practise to eat that which your body needs. For that we have our ‘drink-buffet’ in the mornings: soups and juices that help your body to eliminate and purify.
This purification is part of a varied Dojo-programme, with exercises for organs, Hara-strengthening, meditation, walks in the nature etc.
The programme as a whole helps you to recover, and resource yourself. You will go home with a healthy dose of inner wisdom.

May 2023

Filosophy and meditation.

Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Peter Huijzer, Maartje van Hooft
Date: Saturday May 6, 9.30 uur – Sunday May 7, 16.00 uur.
Cost: € 255,- (early bird-price upto March 11, the cost then is € 229,50)
Accreditation for yoga-teachers (VYN) has been applied for.

This weekend will be conducted mainly in Dutch.
What is yoga? What is yoga about, and why do we do it?
During this weekend-seminar we reflect on these questions, while examining the Yogasutra’s of Patanjali. Patanjali is considered the founder of the classical Yoga; his introduction of the eight limbs of Yoga is still widely accepted within modern day yoga. But more than that, his Yogasutra’s contain important psychological insights. With Patanajali as a reference we study the historic and philosophical backgrounds of yoga, while also also reflecting on the many shapes and forms yoga shows in out modern society.
We will research what a Patanajlai inspired yoga-practice looks like. We experiment with different yoga and meditation-practices, and also make the connection with OkidoYoga philosophy. With these insights and experiences we can discover what yoga means to us personally.
This weekend is an invitation to self-examination, critical reflection and deepening of your yoga-practice.

June 2023

Corrective exercises and relationpoints.

Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Vera Carbaat, Valentina Horvat
Date: Saturday June 10, 9.30 uur – Sunday June 11, 16.00 uur.
Cost: € 255,- (early bird-price upto April 15, the cost then is € 229,50)
This weekend will be conducted in English and Dutch, so is suited for English-speaking as well.

Make balance with corrective exercises and relational points
Balance, Master Oki said in one of his last lectures, is being able to walk backwards as fast as forwards. This simplicity characterizes Okido Yoga. Do everything opposite to what you are used to doing and you will find balance. For example, if you are right-handed, brush your teeth more often with your left hand. 

During this weekend you research your own physical imbalance. You may also begin to recognize your own physical patterns. We will explore several exercises, which are described in the book Corrective exercises in Okido Yoga. In addition, you learn to treat relational points, which will contribute to balance your body. 

If flexibility and strength are in balance within you and your body, it will bring automatically peace and flexibility in your mind. Body and mind are united. Vera and Valentina look forward to research with you and finding the balance within your possibilities.