Wekelijkse lessen in de Dojo in Amsterdam, van Ostadestraat 387.

Program Amsterdam

Monika substitutes Mizue Tamaki’s weekly lessons
Wednesday 9:30 – 11:00, women’s class -> mixed class while Monika substitutes Mizue.
The wednesday-morning class will resume from October 18th, 2023.
This class will be held by Monika Stepak. While she conducts this class, it will be a mixed class.
For more info, please contact Monika:
prices Monika:
€ 135,- for 9 lessons; € 60,- for 4 lessons; € 16,- for one lesson.

During these classes Monika would like to share with you the simple, practical yet effective body -mind techniques from Okido Yoga and Meiso shiatsu.

Dynamic and static – depending on condition and health needs of participants. 
Those classes are open to anyone who wishes to discover powerful tools for healing oneself and other people. 
A simple, direct techniques for improving one’s health, daily life and non- verbal communication skills.
Suitable for curious beginners, as well as experienced yoga practitioners.
Breathing, flexibility, coordination, balance, mobility, corrective exercises, healing and self-care.
Monika Stepak is a certified and experienced practitioner in holistic therapies. Since 1997 she has studied and teach internationally in Europe, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Egypt and in various countries of South Est Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand with leading masters in different schools, including close one-to-one study of healing techniques from blind teachers well-known in the community for their expertise and research.

Monika Stepak is a creator in many fields, all of which have people, creative community and wellbeing at their heart.

Everything I do, all my practices, are all just instruments to awaken and keep the connection, enthusiasm and gratitude to life. They help to create a vitality that has breath at its core. Everything is an opportunity to learn to overcome and stay positive. To create a meaningful existence and see the value in living. Those things I’ve learned from my teachers over many years, I now combine and use as a functional system for creative energy in movement.

  • – Monika Stepak

van Ostadestraat 387
tram 3, 4

5 minutes walking from metro Wibautstraat

On request:
Private lessons, pregnancy care, children yoga, intensive workshops for all ages in various locations
Contact Monika for info, individual shiatsu treatment or payment request
06 50 99 80 32,