Weekend Mizue

25 november 2023, 20 january 2024. The connection between Asana and daily life. Day workshops.

The connection between Asana and daily life

Where: Dojo, Amsterdam, van Ostadestraat 387
When: saturday january 20, 2024, h. 10.30 – 17.00
Please bring a light lunch.
Teacher: Mizue Tamaki
Cost for one day: € 90,- No early bird price is applicable.
This seminar will be conducted in English.

According to Masahiro Oki (the founder of Okido yoga) Asana means research for the most appropriate posture for each action. The most appropriate posture is not the standard fixed way, but the posture that is closer to what the nature (life force) offers (least waste or least accident, and most efficient).
And our attitude is not ’this is correct’, ’this is it’, but a continuous search towards finding the appropriate posture. Nature has offered us the necessary physical structure along with the evolution. We will explore with the curiosity into it, through practice of different actions such as classic asana, various exercises and the activities in daily life.

We will be checking the different body parts separately such as the feet, pelvis, shoulder blades, arms etc. and (or) the whole body cooperation, respecting the breath and the spine as the base.
During two seminars in November and January sometimes we choose different parts of the body and sometimes repeat the same parts. It is recommended to attend two seminars in order to enter deeper into the bodily experience, but also it is all right to attend one day.