Weekend Mizue

22 – 23 october 2022. What is a natural human posture? Residential seminar.

What is a natural human posture?

Where: Dojo,  Laren (Gelderland)
When: saturday october 22, h. 9.30 – sunday october 23, h. 16.00
Teacher: Mizue Tamaki
Cost: € 255,- 
Included in the seminar is an extra zoom-lesson on Friday november 4, from h. 20 -22 (CET).
This seminar will be conducted in English.

In this residential weekend we study practically how to use the body, by regaining the original human posture. We practice in static position and in movement in daily life, in meditation during breathing exercises and various exercises.

We observe and correct through tangible (visible) observation leading to invisible observation; what is behind the posture?
The seminar does not consist of a set of different particular exercises, but we experience the base of how we are, how we pose ourselves in our posture, prior to the exercises. When you experience and observe this base, you can apply this basic posture during exercises.
This will be helpful to use the body efficiently and avoid accidents and even heal fast with small accidents, such as at the ribs and ankles.  
Mizue repeats this theme once a year, taking different parts of the body in relation to the whole body. Gradually the practice develops from a tangible (visible) approach to an invisible one.

Included in the seminar is an extra zoom-lesson in Friday november 4, from h. 20 -22 (CET) in which participants can ask questions coming from practice after the seminar, and repeating what was not clear in the seminar.