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Here you find the programme 2022 – 2023. All information on each activity is given. Inscription is through the appropriate inscription-form.
Please notice that several seminars are mainly conducted in Dutch.
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December 2022


Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Staff: Mizue Tamaki, Vera Carbaat, Conchita Scheffer, Eleni Koutsou
Date: Tuesday December 27, h.15  – Saturday December 31, h.10.
Cost: € 450,- Early bird (upto November 15): € 405,-
This Dojo-training is also suited for English-speaking participants.

At the end of the year it is good to reflect on the past year and make a new resolution for the coming year. Therefore we calm our mind, and let this resolution come from our inside.
To make our mind calm and clear we also need to clean our body, because our physical condition influences our mind.
The start of the training will focus on the physical purification, by training and appropriate food. Then we can look inside, and reflect on the past year.
Taking the time for this process allows a deeper resolution to emerge, that can carry you into the New year.
During the whole training we offer a varied and balanced programme, with purification-exercises, Hara-strenghtening, study of relation-points, walks in the nature, etc.
The training is like a retreat, not passive, but an active retreat, in order to reconnect with the deeper lifeforce.


February 2023

Topic still to be decided.

Where: online.
Teacher: John Hulshof
Date: Saturday February 4 – Sunday February 5, h 10-12, h 14 – 16.
Cost: € 125,- (early bird-price upto December 10, the cost then is € 112,50)

This weekend will be conducted in Dutch.
More information will follow.

March 2023

Harmonizing the autonomic nervous system through yoga.

Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Maartje van Hooft
Date: Saturday March 11, h. 9.30 uur – Sunday March 12, h. 16.00.
Cost: € 255,- (early bird-price upto January 14, the cost then is € 229,50)
Accreditation for yoga-teachers (VYN) has been applied for.

This weekend will be conducted mainly in Dutch.
In yoga you learn to distinguish different nuances of tension and relaxation. But the autonomous nervous system – the part of our nervous system that regulates tension and relaxation – has a much broader effect on our state of being.
More emotional states like feeling defensive, feeling overwhelmed, feeling disconnected, are regulated by the autonomous nervous system.
Recent scientific discoveries help us to translate the complex and nuanced dynamic of our nervous system to Yoga practice.
Yoga can help you to learn to navigate these internal states constructively and wisely. And help you to let go of unnecessary tension, and build up vitality.
We address themes like immobilization, recovery, safety, setting boundaries, active discharge of tension. We also explore the experience of heartcoherence and attunement.
In this weekend you will learn how to harmonize your inner states, and how to utilize this knowledge while teaching yoga.

Frijdag March 31 h. 20 -22 uur we’ll have a follow-up session via Zoom, where you can ask questions regarding your practice of the material of the weekend, or general questions regarding the topic.

April 2023


Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Mizue Tamaki, Sietsia Wildeman, and others.
Date: Thursday April 6, 18.00 uur – Monday April 10, 12.00 uur.
Cost: € 450,- Early bird (upto February 9): € 405,-
This Dojo-training is also suited for English-speaking participants. 

Our annual purification-retreat always is a very special occasion to discover the true wisdom in our bodies. And to feel how deep this physical healing and purification affects our minds and hearts.
In this retreat we work from the principles of half-fasting, as we have experienced with Kunikiyo-sensei. We eat adjusted food, and the first days the food will be non-salt, in order to give our bodies space to discharge of toxins.
At the same time you practise to eat that which your body needs. For that we have our ‘drink-buffet’ in the mornings: soups and juices that help your body to eliminate and purify.
This purification is part of a varied Dojo-programme, with exercises for organs, Hara-strengthening, meditation, walks in the nature etc.
The programme as a whole helps you to recover, and resource yourself. You will go home with a healthy dose of inner wisdom.

May 2023

Filosophy and meditation.

Where: Dojo, Laren (Gelderland)
Teacher: Peter Huijzer, Maartje van Hooft
Date: Saturday May 6, 9.30 uur – Sunday May 7, 16.00 uur.

This weekend will be conducted mainly in Dutch.
More information will follow.