General conditions

General Conditions Stichting Okido Yoga Dojo Nederland

These general conditions apply to the programs/courses that the Stichting Okido Yoga Dojo Nederland, hereinafter referred to as “de stichting” (the foundation), is organizing in the dojo at the Kloosterweg 4a Laren, Gelderland.

1. Registration
1.1 By signing the registration form and paying the deposit of the course, the participant agrees to these terms.
1.2. The payment of the deposit for participants living in Europe is 20%. For participants who live outside Europe, the deposit is 10%.
2. Participation
2.1 Registration for a course is confirmed upon receipt of the deposit referred to above.
2.2 The remainder of the course fee (80% for people living in Europe and 90% for people who live outside Europe) must be credited to the foundation’s bank account or to be paid in cash before the start of the course.
2.3 Participation is voluntary. The participant is free to abandon the program offered. However, the foundation advises to follow the full program. Abandon the program does not entitle to a refund of the course fee or right to substitute lesson or activity.
2.4 All amounts in publications are per person and include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
2.5 Refund is not possible if the program is taken over by another equivalent teacher. The participant in this case has no right to financial compensation.
2.6 The price includes participation in the entire yoga program, accommodation and meals.
3. Cancellation
3.1 For participants who live in Europe and have made a deposit of 20% cancellation rules 3.2. – 3.6 apply. Participants who live outside Europe and have made a deposit of 10% are not entitled to a refund.
3.2 If a participant decides to cancel at a date more than 14 days prior to the start of the course, for whatever reason, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the 20% deposit. This amount may well be used to participate in another course at a later date.
3.3 If a participant decides to cancel within 14 days prior to the start of the course, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the 20% deposit, nor the amount can be used to participate in another course at a later date.
3.4 Insufficient applications or special circumstances reserves the foundation the right to cancel the course. In this case, all monies paid will be refunded.
3.5 The foundation is not liable for any damage suffered by the participant as a result of the cancellation of the course.
3.6 Cancellations must be made by letter, email or telephone. The date of the postmark or e-mail or phone message is cancellation date.
4. Accommodation
4.1 The buildings are non-smoking.
4.2 Participants sleep in dorms. Men and women separated. The foundation provides the room division.
4.3 If there is a need for private accommodation the foundation will inform about the presence of a hotel and several B & B’s within walking distance of the dojo. If a participant chooses to stay outside the dojo the participant is not entitled to reduction of the course fee.
5. Behavior, damage and liability
5.1 The foundation expects respectful behavior of the participant to other participants, the organization and the dojo.
5.2 The organization will do its utmost to ensure a good and orderly conduct of the course. However, in case of accidents or other unforeseen circumstances it is not liable for any damage and / or injury, unless culpably attributable to the foundation.
5.3 Participation is always at your own risk.
5.4 Any damage caused by a participant will be claimed from the perpetrator.
5.5 The participant is solely responsible to be on time present, at the pre-specified times, to participate in the program. The possibly missing out of program elements or late presence of the participant is never cause for refund.
5.6 The program is flexible. If necessary, the foundation customizes the program, to meet special needs of the group.
5.7 The yoga classes, treatments and other activities such as those offered are intended for recreation and not as a substitute for necessary medical treatment or therapy. The participant himself is responsible to discuss any physical and / or psychological symptoms with a qualified doctor.
5.8 The organization is not responsible for damage and / or loss of property of the participant, or any kind of injury before, during or after a yoga class, treatment or activity, unless culpable is attributable to the foundation.
5.9 Prior to a yoga class, treatment or other activity the participant informs always the teacher or therapist if he / she has physical symptoms. Possibly the program can be adapted accordingly.
6. Health information
6.1 Upon registration, the participant must always using the registration form indicate any physical and / or psychological symptoms and the use of medications. Physical and / or psychological symptoms that arise after booking of the course, the participant immediately reports to the foundation.
6.2 Providing not, incomplete or incorrect this data can result in exclusion from (further) participation. All any resulting expenses will then be borne by the participant, but also there is no refund of course fee.
7. Other conditions
7.1 Sickness, accident and travel insurance (the latter only for foreign participants) are required. The conclusion of a cancellation insurance is highly recommended.
7.2 All costs resulting from non-compliance with this obligation shall be borne solely by the participant.
8. Correspondence
8.1 All correspondence between the foundation and the participant shall be made with the participant by email to the email address specified when booking by the participant.
8.2 The participant is fully responsible for the care of the receipt of e-mail by setting correct any spam filters.
8.3 The participant may never invoke not receiving an email when the foundation can prove that these have been sent.
9. Unforeseen circumstances
9.1 In cases not covered by these General Conditions, the foundation decides, taking into account the Dutch law, fairness and reasonableness.

Laren, February 2016