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Calender 2022-2023

30 july – 6 august: Summerweek with Mizue Tamaki, Noriko Yabata, Maartje van Hooft, Sietsia Wildeman en Eleni Koutsou.
8 october (9 october): Workweekend with Maartje van Hooft
22 – 23 october: What is a natural human posture? with Mizue Tamaki
19 – 20 november: Conscious action & relaxation in Asana with Tomoko Mori
27 – 31 december: Wintertraining with Mizue Tamaki and Vera Carbaat
11 – 12 march: Harmonizing the nervous system with Maartje van Hooft
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sat 30 july (h. 16.00 uur) – sat 6 august (h. 12.00)
SUMMER TRAINING with Mizue Tamaki, Noriko Yabata, Maartje van Hooft, Sietsia Wildeman, Eleni Koutsou
€ 750,- inscription
In this summer week you will experience the rhythm of a Dojo training. During a retreat day we work with breathing exercises, asana, correction exercises, meditation, compress, etc.
The first days there will be more attention for nutrition and the cleansing and medicinal effect of food. The carefully chosen diet and yoga help you to let go and to make yourself ‘empty’ of tension and disturbances.
In the second part of the week we experience how you can make contact on a deeper level from this openness or ‘emptiness’, with yourself, with nature, with others.
Staff: Mizue Tamaki and Noriko Yabata (whole week), Maartje van Hooft (4 or 5 days), Sietsia Wildeman, Eleni Koutsou and others.
In this summer week we share what we have discovered over the past 30 years with our own practice and experience. There will be even more experienced staff members present during the week.

Participation in the summer week: Whole week € 750; partial participation minimum 3 days € 330
(For people who have not previously participated in a dojo training, if you want to participate partially, you come from the start of the week.)

sat 8 octobre (h. 9.30 uur – 16.30) – sun 9 octobre free time
WORKWEEKEND with Maartje van Hooft
free inscription
On the Saturday we work together in the Dojo, inside and outside. At the start, in between and as a conclusion we have short sessions of yoga, meditation and interactive meditation. Through these activities we can exchange and cooperate in various modes.
It is our experience that connecting and cooperating in this way, creates a supporting and enriching atmosphere among the participants, so there is more going on then just the actual work.
You ca
n participate if you have at least experienced a Dojo-weekend. We start Saturday rather early, so you are welcome to stay overnight on the Friday.
For those who wan
t to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Laren Dojo, you are welcome to stay overnight on Saturday.

sat 22 octobre (h. 9.30 uur) – sun 23 octobre (h. 16.00)
€ 255,- (early bird-price upto 27 August) inscription
The seminar will be conducted in English.
In this residential weekend we study practically how to use the body, by regaining the original human posture. We practice in static position and in movement in daily life, in meditation during breathing exercises and various exercises.
We observe and correct through tangible (visible) observation leading to invisible observation; what is behind the posture? 
The seminar does not consist of a set of different particular exercises, but we experience the base of how we are, how we pose ourselves in our posture, prior to the exercises. When you experience and observe this base, you can apply this basic posture during exercises. 
This will be helpful to use the body efficiently and avoid accidents and even heal fast with small accidents, such as at the ribs and ankles.  Mizue repeats this theme once a year, taking different parts of the body in relation to the whole body. Gradually the practice develops from a tangible (visible) approach to an invisible one. 

Included in the seminar is an extra zoom-lesson in Friday November 4, from h. 20 -22 (CET) in which participants can ask questions coming from practice after the seminar, and repeating what was not clear in the seminar

sat 19 november – sun 20 november (online, h. 10 – 12.00 and h. 14 – 16.00 CET)
€ 125,- (early bird-price upto 24 Septembre) inscription
€ 35,- (additional sessions) inscription
The seminar will be conducted in English.
In this residential weekend we study practically how to use the body, by regaining the original human posture. We practice iThis online seminar will be conducted in English. 
One breathing cycle has 4 stages: inhale, natural pause, exhale, and natural pause. To harmonise movement and breathing, it is important to be aware of the moments of natural pause. With this awareness, we can control whether we push the body more or hold the same intensity or reset. This control is not by forcing our mind against the body’s overwork, or by following other people’s instruction that may not match our own rhythm. This control will come by listening to our own internal rhythm (= conscious action). 
Therefore, stiff or supple, everybody can enjoy effects of Asana. In this seminar, you can practise this way in various yoga poses including preparatory exercises, and experience deep relaxation as a result.   

After the weekend you can join two additional sessions 
* To re-explain what students did not understand well during the seminar. 
* To answer questions that may come out from students’ practice after the seminar. 
* Students and the teacher share personal experiences of practice, to widen the view. 
* The teacher’s comments will be connected to the Okido Yoga philosophy. 
You can inscribe seperately for these two sessions, they will be held on Friday December 2 and 16, from h. 20-22 (CET).

tues 27 december (h. 15.00) – sat 31 december (h. 10.00)
WINTER TRAINING with Mizue Tamaki en Vera Carbaat
€ 450,- (early bird-price upto 1 November) inscription
The training will consist of a diverse programme. More information will follow.

sat 11 march 2023 (h. 9.30) – sun 12 maart (h. 16.00)
€ 255,- (early bird-price upto 14 January) inscription
This weekend will be conducted mostly in Dutch. 
Yoga teaches us to recognize different nuances of tension and relaxation. But the autonomous nervous system – the part of our nervous system that regulates tension and relaxation – has a much wider effect on how we feel. States like feeling defensive, overwhelmed, disconnected or overstimulated, and all the accompanying emotions, are also driven by the autonomous nervous system.
Recent scientific literature offers a lot of information on how to translate the nuanced and complex dynamic of the autonomous nervous system to the field of Yoga. So yoga-practice can offer you many tools to learn to manouvre skillfully through the dynamics of our autonomous nervous system, let go of long held tensions, and build up vitality.
We will address themes like immobilization, recovery, safety, boundaries, active release of tension, and we also will experience what heart-coherence means.
You will learn how to balance your nervous system through movement, and how to apply this in yoga-classes.
On Friday 31 March h 20 -22 uur (CET) there is an additional session via Zoom, where you can ask questions about your practice-experiences, and generally about the topic of the seminar.